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personal wikis allow people to richly link information on their desktop or mobile computing devices the same way a community wiki links information across the internet. thus people who like the wiki philosophy of organizing information may find personal wikis useful.

single-user application of multi-user wikis

many wikis are designed for concurrent use by multiple users. however, given sufficient skill and motivation, an individual user can install and run any of them for personal use. this may require installing additional software, for example a web server, a dbms, or a wamp or lamp software bundle. the user can prevent access to the wiki from outside the local computer.

some individuals use password protected wikis running either on their own webservers or hosted by third parties. this has the advantage that the personal space can be accessed from any web browser, at home, at work, on a pda, at an internet cafe etc. edits made on one machine are immediately accessible on the others.